2PM’s Nichkhun Cast In Upcoming Hollywood Film “Hong Kong Love Story”

 2PM’s Nichkhun Cast In Upcoming Hollywood Film “Hong Kong Love Story”

2PM‘s Nichkhun will soon make his Hollywood debut!

The talented singer and actor, a native of California, will be making his mark on his home state in a big way by debuting in a Hollywood film entitled “Hong Kong Love Story.”

The film is a romantic comedy about two rich young men who travel to Hong Kong and both become entangled with the same beautiful model from Poland. As such, the limits of their relationship begin to be tried and the two must learn the true meaning of friendship.

The film co-stars Byron Mann, upon whose real-life adventures the film is based. The Hong Kong-born American star is known for his films like “The Big Short” and series like “Wu Assassins.” Meanwhile, “Hong Kong Love Story” also co-stars Kenneth Tsang, another actor from Hong Kong who has made his mark in Hollywood through films like “Die Another Day.” The female lead will be played by Dominika Kachlik of films such as “Diablo: The Race For Everything.”

Production for the film will begin in December.

Nichkhun was born in California but later raised in Thailand before ultimately returning to the U.S. to finish high school. It was there that he was cast by a JYP Entertainment agent and went on to make his debut as part of 2PM in 2008. Not only did he go on to have an illustrious career with 2PM, he also made his solo debut, as well as his acting debut in Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand. In fact, he recently appeared in the Thai film “Brother of the Year,” which went on to become the second-highest grossing film of 2018 in Thailand.

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