NOIR’s Seunghoon Announces Enlistment + Solo Digital Single

 NOIR’s Seunghoon Announces Enlistment + Solo Digital Single

On October 28th KST, leader of LUK Factory boy group NOIR, Shin Seunghoon surprised fans with two significant announcements. 

First, a teaser image for his first solo digital single was unveiled on the group’s SNS accounts. The song, which is titled “Don’t Touch Me,” will be released on November 9th at 12 p.m. KST.

A few hours following this exciting news, Seunghoon posted a handwritten letter revealing that he will be joining the army on the same day that his single will drop.  

It’s bittersweet news for NOIR’s loyal and loving fanbase, “Lumiere” (or “Lumi” for short), who has supported the 9-member hip-hop idol group since their 2018 debut. 

You can read Seunghoon’s heartfelt letter below:

To dear Lumiere ♡
Hi, Lumi~~ It’s Seunghoon ^.^
I’ve never written a handwritten letter before, but I’m writing like this because I have news for our Lumi.
I will join the army on November 9th!
I wanted to spend more time with Lumi, but after a long discussion with the members and the company, I decided to go at this time. 
I’ll have to stay away for a while, but I’m going to protect my Lumis, so please wait a little longer. ~ 
I’ll come back stronger and cooler.
I’ll think about our Lumis a lot and think about the good memories and come back with a lot of energy. Haha
Let’s have more happy times together when I get back. 
I’m not here for a moment, so please take good care of our Noir. Hehe I’m reassured
Thank you for always being supportive and loving. 
I love my Lumi so much, too..
Then, I’ll go and come back healthy!!!
Bye ~

Shin Seunghoon (NOIR)

We wish Seunghoon success on his upcoming single release and enlistment!

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MEDIA: LUK Factory

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