10 Spooky K-pop Stages To Prepare You For Halloween

 10 Spooky K-pop Stages To Prepare You For Halloween

Halloween is a time where we carve pumpkins, watch horror movies, and spend time with friends and family. We dress up and pretend to be whoever we wish to be, hand out candy to excited kids, and embrace the festivities and activities!

In preparation for this spooky day, we have composed a list of our favorite spooky and enchanting K-pop live stages. Even though this year’s festivities will be a little different than previous years, that doesn’t mean we have to cancel Halloween all together.

Snuggle up with a warm blanket, find a close friend, and enjoy these 10 K-pop stages that are sure to give you a fright!

10. DAY6: “Sweet Chaos”

The first Halloween stage on this list is DAY6’s performance of “Sweet Chaos” from 2019’s “M COUNTDOWN” Halloween special. This stage is adorably playful as leader Sungjin dressed as Bob the Builder, vocalist and guitarist Young K dressed as a character from Star Trek, Wonpil the keyboardist dressed as a vampire, maknae and drummer Dowoon was Sherlock, and vocalist and guitarist Jae as an office worker named Dave. 

Not only are their costumes playful, but the stage was as well. DAY6 shows off their playful side to their fans, known as MYDAYS, with their childlike spirit and bright smiles. Instead of going for a dark concept, they kept their performance lighthearted and fun. Lastly, the song choice was perfect for this lovable, energetic stage.

We hope that this stage makes you feel a sense of joy or excitement when you watch it! You won’t be disappointed.


Number nine on our favorite Halloween stages would be TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s magical stage of, “Run Away.” The wizardly stage took place in 2019 at the “M COUNTDOWN Halloween Special.” The five members all dressed up as wizards attending a boarding school. As always, these boys bring their stages to life with their fascinating concepts and bright background colors.

This enchanting performance brings out the lovable, boyish charms of TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Their synchronization is unmatched, just like their stable voices whilst performing this stage. TOMORROW X TOGETHER never fails to disappointment their fans with mesmerizing stages and unique concepts.

Watching this stage, you will take a trip into the wizarding world of TXT and you will never want to come back!

8. ONF: “Why”

Next on our favorite Halloween stages would be ONF’s “Why” stage, which is also from the 2019 “M COUNTDOWN Halloween Special.” We chose this stage because of their unique concept. Instead of doing vampires like most of the groups on this list did, they decided to go as dark priests. The concept made this upbeat song into something dark and intriguing. ONF tapped into a darker look than their fans, known as Fuses, are used to, thus making this a stage to remember.

Their costumes, makeup, and stage presence play a big part of what makes this stage so great. From the blood red contacts to their strong vocals, We often find myself admiring this performance. Even though ONF is a relatively newer group, their talent is definitely present! If you are looking for something different or a new group to stan, We recommend checking out this stage. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

7. Stray Kids: “Side Effects”

Number seven on our favorite Halloween stages would be Stray Kids‘ vampire-themed “Side Effects” stage from this year!

While this stage wasn’t a Halloween special, the dark vampire factor made me feel it was great for this list. The video starts off with a dance break that showcases the talented dancers of Stray Kids. As the actual performance opens up, Chan rises up from his sleep as the rest of the boys awaken as well. There are many thoughtfully choreographed parts that bring this vampiric stage to life.

Stray Kids are a talented fourth generation group that are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Whether you are an old or new Stay, this stage is a must see! With the amazing dance breaks, the surprising dubstep change in the chorus, and the enchanting vampire concept, what could go wrong? This dark stage is one you don’t want to miss.

6. Block B: “Very Good”

Next on our favorites list would be Block B’s iconic “Very Good” vampire Halloween Stage from 2016.

What makes this stage so memorable was due to the fact that Halloween live performances were not as popular then as they are now. With this factor in mind, Block B did something different than the rest, making a eerily good Halloween stage. Their song choice made for a fun and energetic show with many memorable moments.

One of the moments that stuck out the most would be P.O.’s statement about men wearing makeup. During this performance, he whips out a tube of red lipstick as he confidently applies it to his lips. Along with this, the stage is full of fun surprises that make it worth watching.

“Very Good” is a hype song, so the energy you feel from this will be unforgettable. If you want Zico with green hair, plenty of velvet suits, and an overall good time, check out this stage of “Very Good.”

5. A.C.E: “ON AND ON” (VIXX Cover)

Number five on our favorite Halloween stages would be A.C.E’s cover of VIXX‘s hit song “On and On.”

Like Stray Kids, this stage wasn’t a Halloween performance, but their unique vampire concept fits perfectly on this list. The harmonization of their voices are pleasingly beautiful to the ear as it plays off their vampire charms. Their makeup was different than most, as they replicated the classic VIXX stage move by move.

This cover stage is an adventure to watch due to their dancing, singing, and costumes. A.C.E is known as the kings of covers for a reason. Their talented vocals can turn anyone’s song into their own. If you are interested in hearing more of their covers, we recommend visiting their YouTube channel to hear them sing anything from Lewis Capaldi to BLACKPINK.

This particular VIXX cover stage, however, was a surprise to all of their fans, but one they will always remember! If you are interested in checking out the original stage, just look up VIXX’s own iconic “ON AND ON” stage by clicking here.

4. ONEUS: “Heartbeat” (2PM Cover)

Next on our list of favorite Halloween stages would be ONEUS’s cover of 2PM‘s classic track “Heartbeat” during the 2019 “M COUNTDOWN Halloween Special.”

ONEUS is a talented rookie group that fully embraces their bloodthirsty vampire concept. They take this sad love song and turn it into a disturbingly fun stage for their fans, TO MOONs. At the time this stage came out, ONEUS hadn’t started diving into darker concepts. As such, this performance came as a slight surprise, but with their recent comeback, they have fully embraced their darkness!

ONEUS’s expressions and tone while singing this song show their lifelessness as lovesick vampires. This Halloween stage is not only fun to watch, but it also gives the perfect mixture of light and dark. Whether you are looking for a classic throwback or a talented rookie group, check out ONEUS’s creepy cover stage of 2PM’s “Heartbeat.”

If you find yourself intrigued with this stage, check out their newer songs “Come Back Home” or “To Be or Not to Be.” In these music videos, they continue with their enchantingly dark vampire themes that make it worth the watch.

3. LOONA: “Full Moon” (SUNMI Cover)

Number three on our favorite Halloween stages would be LOONA’s cover stage of SUNMI’s, “Full Moon.”

This stage only consists of about half of the LOONA members, but the stage is still beautiful. The LOONA members are dressed in matching red dresses to play off of their vampire concept. “Full Moon” is a seductive song and dance, but LOONA did not shy away from showing their mature side. Their facial expressions show the elegance the dance gives off.

One of the most memorable moments of this stage was the rap part. Olivia Hye‘s rap completely made the song her own! Lastly, LOONA did a great job by choosing an iconic song for their cover. The great song choice and talented performers make this a captivating stage to watch.

2. VAV: “Poison”

Next on our favorite Halloween stages would be VAV’s performance of “Poison.” Like many other groups on this list, they went for a vampire concept. However, with their vampire stage, they are reminiscing over their old concept of vampires, witches, and werewolves while also saying a little hello to their fanbase, Vampz.

VAV’s stage is filled with steady vocals, classic costumes, and great makeup that keeps you wanting more. You will start the video for a fun Halloween vibe, but you will finish the video with cold chills from their captivating ending.

VAV is an underrated third generation group with a load of talent! This stage not only shows their charm as performers, but it also displays their strong vocals and rap as well. Their dances moves are satisfyingly synchronized, and their classic vampire costumes help bring this song about a poisonous love to life.

VAV always prepares fun stages and Halloween dance practices to entice their fanbase. If you are looking for a fun time, check out VAV and their great stage performance of “Poison.”

1. ATEEZ: “Wonderland”

First on our favorite Halloween stages is one I think many predicted: ATEEZ’s “Wonderland”! At the time of this stage, ATEEZ was still considered a rookie group. However, they already had a large following due to their amazing stage presence, talented vocalists, and strong dance moves. When this performance happened, everyone was in awe of how well done it was. The acting is spectacular and spooky as they transform into completely different personalities other than their own.

This “Wonderland” stage has many memorable moments that make it worth the watch. As always, their performance is powerful with big gestures and strong facial expressions. Sadly, this stage is missing one of their members, but it still went smoothly as they are perfectly in sync with one another. As such, this “Wonderland” Halloween stage will be remembered for years to come! Its unforgettable aspect is what makes it number one on our list.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of “10 Spooky K-pop Performance To Prepare You For Halloween!” While only a few days of October remain, you can still sit down and relax on the 31st while taking in the spooky festivities to be held. Drink some hot cider, eat some yummy candy, and watch these 10 Halloween stages!

Even though the world is a little bit different this year due to the ongoing pandemic, Halloween doesn’t have to be quiet this year! You can still have fun with yourself or your family. Make sure to stay safe and healthy. Until next year, have a spooktacular (and K-pop filled) Halloween!

Did you enjoy this list? What other stages would you have added? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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