Five Members Of IN2IT To Enlist Together As A Group

 Five Members Of IN2IT To Enlist Together As A Group

Following a successful online fan meeting held earlier this month, where they revealed the creation of their own company together, boy group IN2IT posted a statement on their fancafe to inform fans of their enlistment plans. 

Korean members Jiahn, Yeontae, Inho, Hyunuk, and Inpyo have all decided to enlist at the same time in order to minimize the waiting time for fans and for the group to reunite as quickly as possible in the future.

Meanwhile, until the rest of the members return, foreign member Isaac will continue his personal activities. He has been staying with family in his hometown, in Malaysia, due to COVID-19 restrictions and has been unable to join IN2IT for their recent schedules.

Read the full statement below:

Hello, we’re IN2IT.

IN2IT members Jiahn, Yeontae, Inho, Hyunuk, and Inpyo will be joining the army to fulfill their military duties. In order to minimize the gap in IN2IT as a whole, we decided to join the army as soon as possible after thinking about it for a long time.

Jiahn, Yeontae, and Inpyo are scheduled to join the army in November, and Inho and Hyunuk are waiting for their enlistment date.

In the case of Isaac, he will continue his personal activities actively while other members serve in the military.

We are always grateful to IN2U for their generous support and love to IN2IT now that we are continuing our activities independently, previously during the contract with the existing company, and even after the termination. We will serve in the military sincerely and come back nicely and continue our activities as full members of IN2IT!

Thank you.

IN2IT gained a legion of global fans even before their debut by emerging as the winners of survival program, “Boys24.” They toured and performed in countries such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and the US. 

Originally promoting as eight members, the group experienced the departure of two people: now-actor Jinsub and “Produce X 101” contestant, Sunghyun. IN2IT terminated their contracts with former agency MMO Entertainment at the beginning of 2020, deciding to move forward as an independent group.

We wish them all the very best in their enlistment and personal activities!

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Justin is a K-pop fan from Australia who is passionate about shining a light on underrated and lesser known groups. As a lifelong lover of all styles of music, this deep-thinker is currently spending his time in lockdown getting acquainted with songs both new and old, creating the soundtrack to this season of spiritual and personal growth.


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