MVP Uses Handwritten Letters To Announce First Comeback Since Debut 3 Years Ago

 MVP Uses Handwritten Letters To Announce First Comeback Since Debut 3 Years Ago

The seven members of boy group MVP made a sudden announcement last week that they will be having their long-awaited group comeback on October 22nd KST, more than 3 years since their debut. 

The PH Entertainment boy group made their spectacular step on the K-pop scene all the way back in 2017 with the powerful dance track “Take It” off the energetic mini-album MANIFEST

Besides appearances on “The Unit” by members Rayoon, P.K, and Jin, the group experienced a long period of inactivity and has only been able to stay in touch with fans (called “Victory”) via V Live and other social media platforms.

Earlier this year, however, there was some promising and exciting news from the group when members P.K and Kanghan released a collaboration project song entitled “Call Me Right Now,” surprising and delighting many fans. 

Now, the boys are set to make their return to the K-pop scene with a song written for “Victory” and everyone else who has waited patiently and supported MVP up to this point.

The release of a new single was first mentioned by member Gitaek on October 11th KST in a letter where the main vocalist and former MR.MR member announced his enlistment. Thankfully, he was able to participate in the preparation and production of the comeback prior to beginning his military duties.

The rest of the members soon followed with their own personalized messages posted on their individual Instagram accounts. You can read each of their heartwarming and passionate handwritten letters below.

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A post shared by GITAEK 기택 (@welcome_to_taek2world) on

Hello, I’m Gitaek. 
I’m joining the army on October 12th! 
I’m so sorry and I’m so sad to tell you this news to Victory who have been waiting for a long time to see my activities. But in our upcoming new single, I’ll be able to show you my last appearance before the military. I hope it’ll be a little comfort for the fans who waited for me.
Please give a lot of support and look forward to the great activities of the members at the same time as the new single! 
I’m going to miss you a lot.
I will be back as a great Korean man when I am discharged from the military.
Thank you. 
I love you!
-Gitaek, MVP (main vocalist)

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#MVP #201022

A post shared by KangHan or 조영빈👻 (@not_strongx.x) on

To. Victory
Hello, I’m Kanghan of MVP. 
The wind is getting colder. How are you? 
Now really, really, really, we’re going to release another album soon.
After a long time, we filmed the MV, recorded, and prepared. Tory’s gonna love it, right? So I had a great time filming. I’ve missed you as much as I did in the past.
The lyrics in this album are all about a letter to Tori. Two years ago, I sat alone in the studio and wrote the lyrics thinking about Tori. I am so thankful and happy that I am falling into the album. It was so hard for the members, but I’m so sad to think that Tori who waited must have been tired…
But I’m so happy and excited to meet you like a dream. Thank you so much to Gitaek who is working hard in the military and worked hard with the members. The handwriting is very young…
Long time no see Victory.
-Kanghan, MVP (leader, vocalist)

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#MVP #201022

A post shared by 배윤 (@baeyoon94) on

Hello, I’m MVP Rayoon.
How are you doing? It’s been a long time since I wrote a letter. It’s already the end of the year. I want to show you more of myself, but I apologize for not being able to. 🙁
Time flies so fast. We have a recent song for our fans!
I’d like to say hello with a nice single. After a long wait, it’s a song about the hearts of the seven of us. Please give us a lot of love.
And please give warm support to our awesome Gitaek who is serving in the military. Thank you so much for waiting and loving us. We’ve always tried our best to show you our best selves. I’m so excited and looking forward to it! I can’t wait to show you. After this single, I’ll try my best to give you better performances.
I missed you so much. I’ll see you soon.
Rayoon, MVP (rapper)

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A post shared by 영규(young kyu)💎 (@p_kyu_0) on

Hello Victory, I’m MVP’s P.K!
I’m sorry to say hello to you after a long time, but I’m a little excited.
Our new single song will be released soon~! ᅲᅲ It’s been a while since the seven of us worked on this song. I’m so nervous to release it to you. Hahaha
I hope you enjoy this song with a good heart since all of our members put their sincere words into one song! 
Also, we will continue to show you new looks, so please look forward to it.~ We wrote a short thank you message to our fans who always love us. You know that it’s bigger than this, right? Haha
Thank you always and I love you, Victory. 
See you soon
-P.K, MVP (rapper)

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#MVP #201022

A post shared by YOUNG JIN (@jjine_y) on

I’m MVP’s Jin. Nice to meet you by handwritten letter. Haha
We’re here to bring some good news to our fans. You’ve been waiting a long time, right? I’m sorry… ᅲᅲᅲ
But soon! MVP’s song will be released! 
I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. What about you guys? I’m not with him right now, but I’m sure Gitaek is also working hard in his position. I’ve been working hard to add to that. 
Please show a lot of love and support! 
-Dear Victory-

-Jin, MVP (vocalist, visual)

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A post shared by been (@been_y_) on

To Victory
Hello, I’m MVP Been.
It’s awkward and embarrassing to write a letter after a long time, but I’m happy to write a letter to our fans. I’m having a great time. I’m sure you haven’t been able to leave your house because of the corona. It’s frustrating and tiring, right? Thank you for trusting and cheering me up. I want to prepare hard so that I can give Victory strength and meet him soon. Let’s cheer up together. 
Aja! Aja! 😀

-Been, MVP (vocalist, visual)

At the time of this article, youngest member Sion has since deleted the Instagram post containing his letter. However, you can still view a photo of his letter below.

Hello, I’m MVP Sion.
We haven’t had any album activity since our “MANIFEST” promotion, but I’d like to thank our Victory fans for always waiting and supporting us. I promised that I’d look cool if you waited a little longer through VLIVE or SNS, but I’m sorry I couldn’t come earlier. 
As we tried to do better performances and better music, we spent a lot of time preparing for it, but now I think we’re fully ready.
We greet you as six-members, not the complete seven-members, but Gitaek, who has been practicing hard with us, always cheered up with his energy and added to the stage and music.
We are glad that our hearts, which were eager and desperate as we prepared for a long time, were conveyed to our fans.
With this album as a starting point again, I will always try my best to be an MVP that does not lose my original intentions. I’ll show you the best of me until the day when all seven of us can be on stage again. Please give us a lot of support for the upcoming album. Thank you.

-Sion, MVP (main vocalist, maknae)

The group also shared behind-the-scenes pictures on their official Twitter account on October 15th KST. Take a look at the stunning images below!

In the meantime, check out the epic music video teaser for MVP’s long-awaited comeback track “Every Day” below!

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