“Pawn” And “The Golden Holiday” Take Over Theaters During Chuseok Break

 “Pawn” And “The Golden Holiday” Take Over Theaters During Chuseok Break

Two newly-released films have stormed to the top in theaters over the Chuseok holiday!

Taking the number one spot was the film “Pawn,”  a heartwarming film which has sold more than 673,000 tickets in the five days since it hit theaters Tuesday, thus grossing 5.79 billion won ($4.95 million). It opened at second spot on the box office sales, but soon climbed to the top as the holiday progressed.

Directed by Kang Dae Gyu, known for the award-winning film “Harmony,” “Pawn” follows a relationship between two debt collectors— Doo Seok (Sung Dong Il) and Jong Bae (Kim Hee Won)— and a nine year old girl, Seung Yi (Park So Yi). The debt collectors take Seung Yi as “collateral” from her mother, who gets deported for staying in Korea without a visa. Meanwhile, the two men and the young girl come to develop a family-like bond as they get to know one another.

Another film released for Chuseok, “The Golden Holiday” opened at the number one position during its opening on Tuesday before settling into the second spot during the holiday season.

The action-comedy flick sold approximately 407,000 tickets since its release, grossing 3.39 billion won ($2.9 million).

Directed by Kim Bong Han, the film stars veteran Kwak Do Won as police detective Byung Soo, The detective goes on his first overseas trip to the Philippines with his family, but during his trip, he becomes the primary target of a murder investigation after being embroiled in a crime. To clear his name, Byung Soo tries to solve the case himself with the help of tour guide Man Chul (Kim Dae Myung) and convicted felon Yong Bae (Kim Sang Ho).

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