Kim Min Seok Joins New Drama Starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won

 Kim Min Seok Joins New Drama Starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won

Kim Min Seok has joined Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won in KakaoTV‘s upcoming romance drama “City Couples’ Way Of Love”!

This will be Kim Min Seok’s first drama since his military discharge in July. The news was confirmed on September 25th, 2020.

The series will be a short-form drama and is being produced with multiple seasons in mind. As is clear from the name of the production, it will explore the dating lives of young men and women struggling to survive in the city. It will be directed by “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” director, Park Shin Woo, thus raising expectations for the drama.

Kim Min Seok will be playing the role of an architect and staunch realist, Choi Kyung Joon. He claims to be a passive observer of the world and have good control over his temper. However, he refuses to stand by and let society walk all over his long-time girlfriend.

Kim Min Seok said in this regard, “I’m grateful and honoured to be able to greet you through a great drama like this following my discharge. I will do my utmost to portray Choi Kyung Joon in a way that is both relatable and comforting for viewers, so please look forward to it.

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