WATCH: CORBYN (Formerly 24K’s Cory) Hits Out With “ALL MINE” Music Video

 WATCH: CORBYN (Formerly 24K’s Cory) Hits Out With “ALL MINE” Music Video

On September 20th KST, the former 24K member CORBYN (who previously promoted under the name “Cory“) released a music video for “ALL MINE.”

CORBYN himself wrote, arranged, and produced the single. The song brashly calls out the haters who are waiting for him to fail, shoots back at their underhanded tactics, and declares his hunger for success.

The hard-hitting music video for the song was just as unapologetic, showcasing the singer being confident and confrontational at the camera.

CORBYN debuted under Choeun Entertainment back in 2012 as the leader, main vocal, and producer of the idol group, 24K. In 2019, most members of the group opted to end their contract with the team and CORBYN made the decision to focus on producing music. He made his solo debut in February that same year with “Million Dollar Dream” which was also known as “M$D.”

Watch the music video here!

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