Kang Daniel Is The Perfect GIVENCHY Model In New Photoshoot For COSMOPOLITAN

 Kang Daniel Is The Perfect GIVENCHY Model In New Photoshoot For COSMOPOLITAN

Kang Daniel shows off his handsome looks in another gorgeous photoshoot!

In the newest issue of COSMOPOLITAN Korea, the young idol is the perfect model in a GIVENCHY themed editorial. Sporting everything from clothes to makeup from the iconic brand, Kang Daniel’s charms are on full display, thus proving exactly why he is the muse of GIVENCHY Beauty.

The editorial is drenched in rich red and black tones, giving off a sophisticated and luxurious look worthy of the brand. Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s hair is complementary with its deep black color while his natural makeup look allows his cherry red lip color to shine.

Talking about the beauty products he represents, Kang Daniel said he is proud to be one of the new generation of models that is blurring the lines of which genders should use makeup products. He said his family is very proud as well and even his grandfather has decided to buy a rouge that Daniel models. He went on to speak about his own routine for stage makeup and how he pays a lot of attention to eye makeup in particular. He also recommended colored lip balms as one of the things he likes the most from the GIVENCHY Beauty line.

In the interview, the young singer also spoke candidly about how he has been spending time during the current situation with COVID-19 since work events have slowed down. He said that he has been watching a lot of Netflix and feels that it’s a great way to learn about a variety of people and relationships in the world. He said specifically that he enjoyed “American Horror Story,” as well as “Pan’s Labyrinth” by Guillermo del Toro.

Daniel also revealed that although many people think of him as a dancer only, he actually has a wide variety of interests. “There are so many things I like.¬†Songs are really fun these days, and I watch a lot of dramas, as well as movies.” He has an interest in architectural design and revealed that he has been studying painting. In addition, he said that he is currently studying foreign languages.

Check out some of the photos from the editorial below, then pick up a copy of the new issue of COSMOPOLITAN to see the full photoshoot! You can also click here to see more of Kang Daniel’s interview.


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