WATCH: Jvde Milez Gets Romantic As He Reads Your “BodySign” In Latest MV

 WATCH: Jvde Milez Gets Romantic As He Reads Your “BodySign” In Latest MV

R&B singer-songwriter Jvde Milez, who formerly promoted as Jude of boy group BIGSTAR, has released his first EP! The album MILEZAWAY was released on September 13th.

The six-track album is a throwback to the R&B recordings of the 2000s and also contains contemporary sounds of the PBR&B (Alternative R&B) genre which evokes feelings of nostalgia. The record is loaded with special guests and writing or composing collaborators, including producers Way Ched, Nod and NEKOBLUE. Some of the featured artists include Wheein of MAMAMOO, Gabby Onme, Jay Moon, and Kyle Lo— otherwise known as one half of the duo Maggbird.

Jvde’s crew of friends also make an appearance in the music video for his title track “BodySign,” which includes close pal Zelo of B.A.P. The avid group of skater friends showcase their skills— something many fans will be familiar with if they follow the Jvde and Zelo on Instagram. 

The colorful, retro-inspired visuals capture the singer and rapper’s candid sides, as well as the chemistry between him and the video’s female lead, Kim Nankyung

MILEZAWAY is currently only available on Korean streaming sites, but Jvde has reassured international fans it will be dropping on Apple Music and Spotify in a few days. 

Be sure to check out the playful MV below!

Justin is an avid K-pop fanboy from Australia and a lifelong lover of music with a passion and flair for sharing his love of underrated and lesser known artists. Finding a new appreciation for music during recent times, he has been enjoying getting reacquainted with old classics, as well as discovering new loves within the world of music and creative works. 

Media: OGAM Entertainment

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