WATCH: Lee Woo Finds “A Reason To Break Up” In Dramatic Conclusion To MV Trilogy Project

 WATCH: Lee Woo Finds “A Reason To Break Up” In Dramatic Conclusion To MV Trilogy Project

Singer Lee Woo returned with his new song, entitled “A Reason To Break Up,” on September 9th at 6 p.m. KST.

The emotional music video concludes the storyline that was first presented in his May single, which also kicked off the three-part project of the same name, “Because I Love You.”

The story follows a young couple, played by Lee Woo and actress Yoon Jiyoo, navigating through their relationship with the project’s second installment, “Sad Ending.”

Each music video in the trilogy plays out like an episode of a K-drama, featuring exceptional acting performances from the former MADTOWN member and his on-screen partner. 

In particular, the music video teaser for the concluding song “A Reason To Break Up” surpassed 1 million views, proving Lee Woo to be a next-generation ballad singer and a master at break-up songs. 

The track itself is a poignant ballad written and arranged by Naheul, who composed the song with fellow producer KRAZY PARK. Both artists previously worked with Lee Woo on his 2019 hit “My Dear.”

Examining the complex feelings that come while parting with a lover, the singer’s mournful vocals convey restrained emotion. The words are realistic and straightforward, which anyone who has experienced a breakup will sympathize with and relate to.

Lee Woo has even posted a special second part of the music video on his official channel. Lots of extra content for all his releases is uploaded on his account, including fully fleshed-out drama episodes for some of his story-driven music videos. There are also illustrated and animated versions, multiple live clips, remixes, lyric videos, and more!

A Reason To Break Up (Part 2)” provides more narrative to the dramatic story, hardly even featuring the song at all, focusing more on the dialogue from the actors including the supporting cast of characters.

Catch up on the previous chapters of the trilogy and then watch the moving finale below!

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