LISTEN: LU4US’ Donghyeon Wants To See You On This “Moody Night”

 LISTEN: LU4US’ Donghyeon Wants To See You On This “Moody Night”

Donghyeon, leader and vocalist of JWK Entertainment boy group LU4US (formerly LU:KUS/L.A.U), returned with his second single “Moody Night” on September 9th KST.

The song’s Korean title “단 한번 그대를 보고 싶은 밤” literally means “The Night I Want To See You Only Once.” It is a classic ballad with a sweet melody and heartfelt lyrics reminiscing about the past.

Donghyeon’s emotionally matured voice sets the tone and is able to capture the feelings one experiences while going through a break-up.

“Moody Night” was written and composed by Donghyeon and fellow LU4US member Choi. Both artists also produced the record, as well as Lee Hyunwook who was behind the arrangement for the track. 

Just like his previous single album Volume 1 and its title track “If I Could Meet You Again,” this follow-up was released independently by Donghyeon through distributor Monday Brunch

Listen to the impassioned ballad below!

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Media: JWK Entertainment

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