5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Chinese Drama “Go Ahead”

 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Chinese Drama “Go Ahead”

Have you caught up on all the current K-dramas and need something new to watch?

“Go Ahead,” the ongoing romantic comedy/family drama from China, has already captured hearts worldwide with its cute and touching storyline. If you haven’t already started watching it, here are five reasons you should definitely give it a try!


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Go Ahead” tells the story of two single fathers raising their kids together since they were children.

The kids grow up almost as siblings, but relationships start to transform after a period of nine years goes by of living apart from each other. The touching dynamics within the family are enough to make anyone want to root for all of the characters, major or minor. It is only a bonus that Li Jian Jian, the center of the universe for this family, is played by Tan Songyun.

Meanwhile, the two men vying for her attention are played by Song Wei Long (Ling Xiao) and Steven Zhang (He Ziqiu). Do you even need any more reasons to watch?


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Every single character in the family in the drama exists for each other. Both the fathers act as fathers to all the children. Ling Xiao studies dentistry so that Jian Jian does not have to be scared at a check-up. Ziqiu becomes a pastry chef so his little sister can have all the sweets she desires. Jian Jian does all she can for her brothers and fathers. These relationships create the warmest environment for growth and love, despite being from dysfunctional backgrounds.


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Friendships in this drama are not separated from family either. Jian Jian and her two best friends Qi Mingyue (played by Sun Yi) and Tang Can (played by He Ruixian) live together in a shared apartment, much like family. They help each other out and lean on each other when times get tough. Supporting each other through thick and thin, sometimes even carrying each other to bed after a long night, is commonplace. This serves to remind once again that chosen family is no different than relations of blood.



No good drama is devoid of twists and turns that keep the audience at the edge on their seats. The same is the case for “Go Ahead.” People from outside the familiar web, also known in the drama as “outsiders,” keep stirring up emotions that are not so pleasant. However, it is just as satisfying to see conflicts be resolved through the power of love and the strong bond that the family shares with each other. Nothing, not even time, can come between them.


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What good is a rom-com without a little second lead syndrome because of the coveted love triangle? Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu both realize after a span of nine years away from their “little sister” that they need to actively pursue her in order to be with her forever. After all, siblings that aren’t blood-related can establish a familiar relationship that lasts forever through just one other option: marriage!

The entire dynamic of the drama switches to a little game of cat and mouse as the two men contest for her heart. We can’t wait to see how this turns out!

You can watch the trailer of this quirky rom-com below, then catch the episodes on the China Huace TV YouTube channel every day by clicking here!


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