Top 5 Blacklisted Foods K-pop Idols Are Not Allowed To Eat

 Top 5 Blacklisted Foods K-pop Idols Are Not Allowed To Eat

It’s not easy to say “NO” to your favorite foods. We all have our guilty pleasures, whether it’s a favorite dessert or fried food that isn’t exactly healthy.

What makes idols so relatable is we know they are human too and also have their own cravings! In fact, we’ve seem then before on variety shows or even at fan meetings when they’re happy to be surprised by their favorite foods or snacks that their agency normally doesn’t allow under their strict diets.

While we advocate healthy living, we certainly don’t advocate unhealthy dieting or agencies who are too controlling.

Have you ever wondered what idols can and can’t eat? The list below might look like a list of some of your favorite foods, but these are some of the top five banned foods in most entertainment agencies as shared by idols themselves.

1) Burgers

Everyone loves burgers for sure! Unfortunately, they are considered greasy fast food. Even if it isn’t from a fast food place, the calorie intake is enormous compared to other foods. As such, many idols are forbidden from eating hamburgers in most cases, especially around their comebacks and during promotions.

2) Ice Cream

Ice cream is loaded with enough fat, sugar, and calories, but dare we say it? That’s part of what makes it taste so yummy!

One ice cream could have up to about 1,000 calories, so for some idols, that’s a large portion of daily intake. Extra calories above their set diet will lead to weight gain, and we know that it sadly leads to scrutiny and criticism— not just from their companies, but even from fans too!

3) Bread

Everyone knows that bread is bad when you’re trying to lose weight. However, many Koreans love bread, especially the country is loaded with cafes that sell such delicious treats! Yes, they look so yummy but idols have no choice and have to give it up when managing their weight (which is most of the time when you have a busy schedule). The rules are difficult, and we all feel their pain!

4) Tteokbokki

One of the most popular snacks in Korea is tteokbokki, also known as “spicy rice cake. Several K-pop idols are known to have huge cravings for tteokbokki, and some idols — like Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun— are almost tteokbokki experts when it comes to recommending restaurants around Seoul. That’s what makes it quite unfortunate that they are sometimes banned from eating it due to it being high in carbohydrates.

5) Pizza

It’s popularity can be seen even in K-dramas where people are often seen chowing down on pizza, but when it comes to K-pop idols, this is the most carbohydrate-rich food on the list. As such, consuming pizza is banned during heavy promotional periods by most agencies. 

What Can They Eat?

Instead of the things on this list, idols are free to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables when dieting. They contain important vitamins, minerals, and fiber. There are also many varieties of fruit and vegetables available and many ways to prepare, cook, and serve them.

Unfortunately, some idols have told about their extreme eating habits that have caused many fans to imitate them, eating only small portions of fruit a day or even skipping meals to drink only water. While it’s fine to cut back on fatty-foods, it’s important to still have a healthy, balanced diet!

Other idols also eat a lot of grilled chicken (instead of the more popular Korean fried chicken) when maintaining their weight. Some eat fish or traditional banchan, traditional side dishes which are generally pickled and healthy for your stomach. Of course, one of the things idols do most often is replace white rice with multi-grain rice instead!

Knowing what we do about the strict exercise and diet regimens that K-pop idols go through, the next time you notice someone has put on a little weight or even looks a little thinner than normal, remind yourself of the stress they feel about their physical appearance!

It can’t be easy living in the limelight all the time, especially with a team of managers and staff constantly controlling your food intake and more. As such, don’t add to their stress by leaving unnecessary comments about their change in appearance and instead make them feel welcomed as they are!

Do you love these foods or do you not eat them either? Can you live without these top five foods? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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