7 Korean Indie And R&B Songs For A Love Playlist

 7 Korean Indie And R&B Songs For A Love Playlist

Korea has a lot more music to offer than just K-pop. In fact, there are thriving genres of music such as rock, underground rap, jazz, and more. K-R&B and K-Indie might be niche genres, but they also have large fan bases of their own. With soulful rhythm and lyrics, it’s sure to capture your hearts and stay lingering.

Here are a couple of our favorite Korean indie or R&B songs to add to your playlist or for a loved one!

1. Dvwn (다운) – “마지막 (Last)” [prod. N O V E L]

A reassuring song about ever-growing and undeniable passion and love, this song will remind you to never stop living your life like it’s the last day on earth. Therefore, it’s a song that will tell you to love with all your heart.

2. STANDING EGG – “친구에서 연인 (Friend to Lover)

A sweet little song about two friends, one of whom is in love with the other but struggling to confess, this song embodies the innocence of going from friends to lovers.

3. SLCHLD x OCEAN – “rollercoaster” [prod. sugi.wa]

Much like the refrain playing throughout the song, this song is purely about falling in love in a way that’s incomparable but helpless.

4. 리햅 (RHEEHAB) – “I think it’s love

The soft realization of the depth of one’s feelings, from just a crush to passionate love, is what is expressed through this beautiful melody. Perfect for thinking about a loved one on a rainy night or for sending it to them as a confession of your feelings, the message is sure to get through.

5. MORNING – “고백 ( Confession)

This song, unlike the name suggests, is not a confession of love but a reiteration of the same. Embodied in the lyrics of this song is the fact that love will triumph over all difficulties, meaning feelings and emotions will surely prevail. Everything will be alright.

6. LambC (램씨) – “Love Like That

The joys of sweet love and the wonders of finding your special someone who wants to stay by your side is what this song is about. “Does this song seem childish? But I really do like you.


This last one’s for the feels! Sometimes, differences overshadow the love to the point that all that’s left is the aftermath of having loved selflessly. Consolation is found in seeing them happy, even if it’s with someone else.

Have you heard of these songs before? What are some of your favourite K-indie or R&B tracks? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1

Ishani Sarkar is a self-professed learner for life, trying to find meaning and happiness in the smallest of things. She found her safe haven within the world of Korean entertainment and she’s never letting go.

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