SMTOWN Songs That Are A Decade Apart

 SMTOWN Songs That Are A Decade Apart

SM Entertainment (also referred to as SMTOWN) is one of the most well-known companies in the K-pop business!

It has a great impact on the promotion of Korean music and the company’s remarkable artists have helped expand the love of K-pop globally.

For years, its artists’ songs have received praise and awards for their undeniable attraction to listeners, with songs that were released years ago still remaining popular today.

From girl groups to boy groups, let’s look back at some of their songs from both then and now!

Here is a list of the songs from SMTOWN that are a decade apart, proving some of their versatility in styles, genres, and sounds:

1) Super Junior’s “No Other” and EXO-SC’s “Telephone” (feat. 10cm)

Super Junior is a group that made a huge impact on the Hallyu wave. They debuted in 2005 with 13 members and Super Junior has never stopped their prominent contribution in the K-pop world ever since.

One of their songs is “No Other,” published in July 2010. Ten years later, EXO sub-unit EXO-SC released their own track, “Telephone” (feat. 10cm).

EXO debuted seven years after Super Junior and not only did they develop a close senior-junior relationship, they both made huge marks on the history of K-pop.

One remarkable achievement was EXO being listed in the 2018 Guiness World Record for having the most daesangs at the Mnet Asia Music Awards.

2) SHINee’s “Lucifer” and IRENE & SEULGI’s “Naughty”

SHINee members are known as the Princes of K-pop! They are all visuals, dancers, vocalists, and icons.

The group stole the hearts of fans all over the world with their music. They have one of the most memorable debut songs ever which launched the new trend of combining masculine and feminine looks.

Ten years later, SM Entertainment released “Naughty” by Red Velvet‘s sub-unit IRENE & SEULGI on their debut mini-album, MONSTER.

3) Girls’ Generation’s “Oh!” and NCT 127’s “Dreams Come True”

Girls’ Generation has long since been deemed the Nation’s Girl Group in South Korea.

They debuted in 2007 with their single, “Into The New World.” Their second studio album titled “Oh!” bagged Album of the Year at the Golden Disc Awards the year of its release.

After a decade, their co-artist NCT 127 released a song for their fans entitled “Dreams Come True.” This was to celebrate with fans after climbing the charts with their album, We Are Superhuman.

4) BoA’s “Hurricane Venus” and SuperM’s “100”

BoA is one of the most successful idols in K-pop. She is a singer, composer, actress, and producer. She’s also well-known for her humble attitude with her fans and other idols in the industry.

She released “Hurricane Venus” to celebrate her tenth anniversary. The singer has long been one of the pillars of SM Entertainment and one of the biggest supporters of her co-artists, including SuperM.

The group recently released “100,” a pre-release track off their upcoming album set to drop later this month.

5) TVXQ’s “MIROTIC” and EXO’s “Obsession”

TVXQ! (or Dong Bang Shin Ki) translates as the Rising Gods of the East. They have strong charisma and powerful music.

They published “MIROTIC,” one of the most iconic K-pop songs and videos ever, in November of 2009. A decade after, EXO released their sixth album, entitled OBSESSION, with a lead track of the same name.

The two songs are both powerful and catchy, making them easy choices to repeat over and over. They also have distinct colors and genres, both climbing the charts easily.

Whether the songs are from a slightly older era of SMTOWN or from today, there is no doubt the company has been successfully producing some of the best and most iconic hits in the history of K-pop!

Although these songs are just a few of our favorites, there are so many more that could also be included on the list!

What other songs from SMTOWN do you like? What would you have added to the list? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

ESM98 is a Pharmacist that has a passion for writing. She writes about anything that catches her attention, and one of those things is Korean entertainment. She focuses on K-pop, K-dramas, etc.


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