6 K-pop Songs With Lyrics As Beautiful As Their Music Videos

 6 K-pop Songs With Lyrics As Beautiful As Their Music Videos

Many music videos in K-pop are beyond aesthetically pleasing and delve into lyrics as beautiful as the visuals that compliment them. Here is a short list of a few we love!

1. Secret – “Starlight, Moonlight

Starting off the list is this oldie— but adorable— goodie! This soft, vintage, floral concept fits the lyrics well as the ladies of Secret express their feelings of a secret crush. Sweet lyrics such as “I keep thinking about you, my heart trembles secretly… You are my starlight, my heart’s moonlight,” make this song just lovely!

2. VIXX – “Shangri-La

Perhaps one the most aesthetically beautiful music videos, “Shangri-La” incorporates elements of traditional Korean culture and style to create both mesmerizing visuals and sound. The lyrics express a love that feels like paradise, one that has the group singing “My days and nights are filled with you… beautiful, warm, mysterious.”

3. Ladies’ Code- “Galaxy

“Galaxy” is a soft tempo song that expresses the ladies’ enchantment with someone. The video features a more modern and clean aesthetic using sleek patterns and styles to create a pleasant viewing experience, all while listening to this trio’s soft voices sing of how they “can’t stop this attraction to you… a light that I found in the endless darkness.”

4. NU’EST – “Bet Bet

An aesthetic of sleek modernism with a twist of traditional elements, this video is as visually attractive as its beat and melodic chorus. The quintet expresses how they are willing to bet it all for the one they love to choose them because “even if I get lost and stay in the same place this might be it… in the end you’ll come to me.”

5. Girls’ Generation- “Mr.Mr.

With an electronic beat that will get stuck in your head for days and a colorful pink-and-blue toned video, the ladies of SNSD are the doctors of love. An interesting aesthetic of retro filters and a pink-highlighted operating room, the ladies express encouragement and infatuation to their mister by telling him to “Be more confident… You made my heart race… the best man to make me shine that is you.”

6. MONSTA X- “Beautiful

Lastly, a song whose title says it all! “Beautiful” is a colorful and hypnotizing video that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but to the ears as well. The group sings of the one they love who is so beautiful, they are almost unattainable. In fact, they are simply “too beautiful to handle.”

Which of these songs do you like most? Are their other songs you think have lyrics as beautiful as their videos? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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Featured Image: Starship Ent., SM Ent., Pledis Ent.
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