7 Korean Dramas That Are Actually Adapted From Webtoons

 7 Korean Dramas That Are Actually Adapted From Webtoons

It is not really a well-known fact among international fans of K-dramas that some of their favorite dramas are actually adaptations of popular Korean webtoons. Besides recent well-known adaptations such as “Itaewon Class,” “Love Alarm,” “Mystic Pop Up Bar,” and “Backstreet Rookie,” there are several others that you might have missed. If, like all of us, you’re suffering from nostalgia for your favorite dramas, give these original webtoons a read and re-live the amazing stories once more!

Read through to know which of your favorite dramas are actually adapted from webtoons. Some of these might surprise you!

1. “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty(2018)

Media: JTBC/Naver Webtoon

Adapted from a webtoon of the same name which was written by Kee Maeng Kee, “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” is popular both as a drama and as a webtoon for focusing on beauty standards and the overwhelming effect it can have on young minds. Meanwhile, it reveals that it should actually being of minimum relevance.

2. “Cheese In The Trap” (2016)

Media: tvN/Naver Webtoon

Cheese In The Trap” was written by Soonkki and took seven years to complete. Even until today, it still holds the place for one of the most popular webtoons in Korea. Having been adapted to a drama before the author even finished the webtoon, that means the drama has a different ending from the webtoon. Head on over to read the webtoon if you wanna fulfill your alternate ending fantasies.

3. “Rugal” (2020)

Media: OCN/Naver Webtoon

This action-packed comic by Rel.mae revolves around detective Kang Ki Beom as he strives for revenge in order to bring down a criminal organisation called Argos. While the webtoon is a thrilling ride in itself, Choi Jin Hyuk‘s performance and the stellar action brings it to life in the drama.

4. “Strangers From Hell” (2019)

Media: Netflix/Naver Webtoon

Also known as “Hell Is Other People,” this webtoon by Kim Yong Ki is a frightening experience both on-screen and in the webtoon version. The drama is available on Netflix and the webtoon is on Naver so hop on over for a chilling night in.

5. “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” (2018)

Media: tvN/Kakao Page

Everyone’s favorite boss and his favorite secretary belong originally to a novel of the same name by Jung Kyung Yoo. It was later adapted into a webtoon and then later turned into a drama in 2018. Needless to say, it has stolen many hearts either way and still continues to be one of the most popular K-dramas worldwide!

6. “Extraordinary You” (2019)

Media: Netflix/Daum

The extraordinary story about “ordinary” extras of a Manhwa is actually adapted from a webtoon itself. Going by the name of “July Found By Chance” by Moo Ryu, the webtoon is as refreshing as the series, almost adding another layer to the narrative just by the fact of it being a physical webtoon itself, giving it a meta feel. This one is definitely a must-read for all fans of the drama!

7. “Memorist” (2020)

Media: tvN/Daum

Originally by writer Jae Hoo, this crime-action thriller is perfect for those who are fans of this genre. The cast is perfect and even the creator himself has commended the drama for being such an accurate adaptation of his work. For fans of the webtoon, something to look out for is additional scenes written exclusively for the adaptation. This suggestion goes both ways, so what are you waiting for?

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