K-pop Dances That Make You Hit The WOAH!

 K-pop Dances That Make You Hit The WOAH!

K-pop idols go through strenuous training to be ready to debut in the music world. This includes training in singing, dancing, acting, songwriting, modeling, and more that will boost their confidence and help prepare them for life as an entertainer. Performing live on stage is their ultimate dream after years of training, and one of the traits that they will be admired for is their ability to dance. Expressing their creativity and artistry through dance makes their live performances even more memorable to fans, but it seems there are some dances that are just extra special to fans! As such, here is a list of some of our favorite choreography routines that have been firmly engraved upon the hearts of fans as they get inspired to move and dance along!

GOT7 – “If You Do”

With their amazing footwork, charismatic appearance, and the emotional factor that matches well with their concept, this performances is indeed one of the most unforgettable performances from GOT7 in their entire career! If you watch their live of “If You Do,” you will feel the meaning of the song based on how they carried out the choreography. There is that special snap every time they do their choreography together with the right sharpness and rock.


This is literally the track where you hit-the-WOAH! This SEVENTEEN choreography is very unusual for the group because if you try to watch their live performances and choreography video for “HIT,” the song is on an entirely different level than most tracks. They display their manly side and execute the hit factor on this dance to absolute perfection! According to their performance leader Hoshi, he really had a hard time completing and organizing the steps of “HIT.” However, you will never notice any mistakes in the rhythm. Instead, you will see SEVENTEEN’s true foundation and synchronization as a group in this perfect choreo!


Did you ever wonder how to show the word DNA on a dance? Just watch “DNA” by BTS and you will know how. They pull tricks to execute difficult movement and a high level of complex moves. BTS connected the dots (or their hands) to show how DNA works. That move really needs practice and application to avoid injury. BTS is known for their dance professionalism, and in fact, that is why every choreography of this groups becomes famous worldwide.

LOONA – “Butterfly”

LOONA’s “Butterfly” dance choreography is truly a treat aesthetically! First their appearance was stunning as they really looked like fairies looking for butterflies. Secondly, their dance steps are really mesmerizing and hypnotizing, as are their angelic voices: You will see the character inside their choreography and their personalities come out with dynamic finesse. It is a combination of dance and art that makes them stand out above others in this particular dance.

EXO – “The Eve”

There are so many K-pop choreography which have made viewers drool and one of those is definitely “The Eve” by EXO. The combination of sexy, charismatic, and pure fire makes every fan hardly breathe while watching the live stage. It has some well-known dance steps, but EXO puts a creative twist on things with their transitions and powerful, yet sensuous, moves. Every step flows together smoothly with the music and with just a powerful snap, all fans go crazy!


There is no K-pop fan who doesn’t know this song! From the beat techniques, dance arrangements, staging, crowd appeal, incorporation of unique, creative moves, and more, you will instantly dance along to “BANG BANG BANG”. There is a party-like atmosphere whenever you dance to the music, and everyone can go wild.

NCT 127 – “Cherry Bomb”

NCT is known for their knowledge when it comes to choreography. Likewise, their unit NCT 127 shows excellent performance skills, especially when they perform “Cherry Bomb.” They are really flexible and very accurate when they dance on beat and rhythm. There is a fresh and new feeling if you watch their live showcases. Though they are still young, you can see their maturity during performances. Even during their unit stage performances, any member is capable of dancing the night away. From the first beat of “Cherry Bomb,” your heart will surely beat fast as you watch them perform live on stage! That’s why this song and dance is still a fan favorite of K-pop fans everywhere!

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