5 Of The Most Iconic MAMA Performances Ever

 5 Of The Most Iconic MAMA Performances Ever

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (also known as MAMA) is an annual awards show and ceremony to recognize the brightest and most talented people in Asian music, specifically those in South Korea. Fans of different idols and artists look forward to the performances at the event every year. While waiting for the 2020 MAMAs, here are some of the most iconic MAMA performances in the history of K-pop itself!

1) PSY – 2012

PSY debuted in January 2001 under Cream Record. In 2010, he joined YG Entertainment and eventually founded his own company, P-Nation, in 2019.

In 2012, PSY performed his song “Gangnam Style” at MAMA. The song had become a true viral sensation across the globe, exposing most international audiences to K-pop to the first time. As he performed it, all of the audience danced on their feet. Everyone had a great time! Check out his amazing performance below.

2) 2NE1 – 2015

2NE1 was a four-member girl group under YG Entertainment. One of the most iconic girl groups in K-pop, they still have a large fanbase and continue to show their lasting influence.

We just can’t forget one of the best performances at the 2015 MAMA! With CL’s intro, the members of 2NE1 then entered the stage one by one and sang “Fire” and “I Am The Best.” They are truly one of the best artists, and thrilled fans with their epic stage and performance together. Check out their iconic stage performance below!

3) EXO – 2013

EXO is a nine-member boy group under SM Entertainment. They are one of the top-selling K-pop groups of all time and have set numerous records worldwide.

We can all agree the EXO is one of the best idol group there is by creating music and performances that are loved by EXO-Ls and even other fandoms as well. Here’s one of their iconic performance at the 2013 MAMA with the song “Growl” and “Wolf.” It is known and loved by K-pop fans as it was a performance at MAMA with their three former members.

4) BIGBANG – 2015

BIGBANG is a five-member boy group under YG Entertainment. To this day, they remain one of the most influential groups in K-pop history. The members have all gone on to become successful soloists as well.

At the 2015 MAMA, BIGBANG performed “Loser” with great emotions, “Bae Bae” with a great performance, and “Bang Bang Bang” with great energy that excited the audience. The group’s stage presence that night was truly amazing, so check out their performance below!

5) BTS – 2019

BTS is a seven-member boy group under Big Hit Entertainment. Today, they are the top-selling artist in Korea with their new albums and set countless records across the globe.

At the 2019 MAMA, BTS performed “N.O” and “We Are Bulletproof pt.2,” taking ARMYs back to 2014. Making them relive the magic of some of their early works, BTS really amazed their fans with this great performance!

There are many other epic performances from MAMA that are worth mentioning as well! There is no end of great performances, from Super Junior’s truly iconic 2011 MAMA performance which ended with about 100 people onstage dancing to “Sorry Sorry” to MAMAMOO’s legendary 2018 MAMA live stage where Hwasa practically invented sex appeal and showed the entire nation of Korea what it mean to embrace your body and love yourself for who you are despite haters.

No matter which performances we name though, there are always more great live MAMA stages we could choose to include! Besides the five on our list, what other MAMA performances do you think are iconic?

What performance would you have added to the list? Which performance was your favorite from the ones listed above? Make sure to share your thoughts with us by tweeting to @whatthekpop1!

acee has been a fan of K-pop, K-dramas, and Korean entertainment since 2016. She is a fan of many idols/artists. She finds happiness in watching and listening to K-pop music & videos. Her hobby is doing small dance covers of K-pop, as she loves to dance.

Media & Featured Image: Mnet

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