WATCH: M.O.N.T Likes Your “Shadow” In Fun And Wild MV

 WATCH: M.O.N.T Likes Your “Shadow” In Fun And Wild MV

Following the release of last month’s Aqua Tape and member Bitsaeon’s solo release just a few days ago, the boys of M.O.N.T are back with Burgundy Tape and the title track “Shadow.”

Released on August 28th at 12 p.m KST, the song continues with the jazz sound featured in the album’s first title track “Moonlight,” this time all three members of M.O.N.T take on the jazz hip-hop genre through another hit written and composed by the talented trio.

The music video sees Roda, Bitsaeon and Narachan presenting a more mature image, maintaining the jazz bar concept featured in “Moonlight.” “Shadow” follows the boys as they navigate through the same establishment as the previous MV, eventually making their way on stage to perform. 

The split screen effect used in the MV shows each members’ night playing out simultaneously, which makes for a fun re-watching experience. Particularly, if you look close enough, you will notice the same cast of patrons and staff at the jazz bar who appeared in “Moonlight,” a delightful nod to preserving the continuity and realistic integrity of the films’ concepts.

M.O.N.T’s Burgundy Tape is out now on all streaming platforms and download sites.

Check out the MV for “Shadow” below!

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