WATCH: Singer-Songwriter Chungwan Shows Off His Sensual Side In “Gotta Keep” MV

 WATCH: Singer-Songwriter Chungwan Shows Off His Sensual Side In “Gotta Keep” MV

Talented singer-songwriter Chungwan is back after ten months with his new single “Gotta Keep” on August 28th KST. 

The former member of now-disbanded boy group Underdog has been producing his own music through a consistent string of single and album releases since his 2015 solo debut. 

“Gotta Keep” has an exciting EDM pluck sound that is different from Chungwan’s previous songs, enriching his sultry breathy vocals and emphatic rapping style. 

The rhythmical melody contains a serious message which was inspired by the Netflix dark comedy-drama, “The End of the F…ing World.”

The show portays characters who seem broken inside at first turn out to be the product of their circumstances. “Gotta Keep” explores those themes while offering rest and relaxation to anyone who feels tired and run over by their daily lives.

This time, Chungwan took off his shirt for the first time in a music video, a challenge that parallels the musical challenge the track presented. 

Watch the revealing MV below!

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