LISTEN: Kim Yejoon Is Lovesick In Emotive Second Single “Fall”

 LISTEN: Kim Yejoon Is Lovesick In Emotive Second Single “Fall”

Kim Yejoon of MAXXAM Entertainment made his solo debut last month with the powerful “Love Drop” and is back with his follow-up single “Fall” on August 24th at 12 p.m KST.

The song was written and co-composed by the former “Under19” and “The Voice Korea” contestant, making the R&B track stand out with the use of instrumentation. 

The multi-talented singer and rapper’s poignant vocal performance contains his heart and sincerity of saying goodbye to a relationship that listeners can relate to.

Recently cast in the musical “The Stage: K-Pop Idol Challenge,” Kim Yejoon is being recognized by many as a versatile artist while he continues to challenge himself musically. 

Listen to the official audio below!

Justin is an avid K-pop fanboy from Australia and a lifelong lover of music with a passion and flair for sharing his love of underrated and lesser known artists. Finding a new appreciation for music during recent times, he has been enjoying getting reacquainted with old classics, as well as discovering new loves within the world of music and creative works. 

Media: MAXXAM Entertainment

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