WATCH: ONEUS Choose Their Own Fate In Cinematic “To Be Or Not To Be” MV

 WATCH: ONEUS Choose Their Own Fate In Cinematic “To Be Or Not To Be” MV

On August 19th KST, RBW Entertainment boy group ONEUS returned with their fourth mini-album and the title track, “To Be Or Not To Be.”

The video was directed by Hong Won-ki, a master of K-pop MVs, who has worked with ONEUS since debut. It features graphic imagery and violent content that are not for the faint of heart but will surely satisfy lovers of the darker K-pop concepts.

“To Be Or Not To Be” tells of the danger of standing at a crossroads, the accompanying synth sounds reminiscent of a heartbeat. The drastically altered hook creates a dramatic tension that is reflective of the song’s lyrical content which members Ravn and Leedo participated in.

Such themes are further brought to the forefront by the rough yet delicate vocals and straightforward, relentless rapping over the intense, sorrowful beat.

LIVED includes a total of six tracks spanning a variety of genres. It also includes Seoho and Ravn’s self-written song, “Dizzy.” The group’s final song for Mnet’s “Road To Kingdom” called “Come Back Home” is also present in the album.

Check out the splendid horror that is the “To Be Or Not To Be” MV below!

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Media: RBW Entertainment

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