WATCH: DONGKIZ Return With A Darker Image In Charismatic “Beautiful” MV

 WATCH: DONGKIZ Return With A Darker Image In Charismatic “Beautiful” MV

DONGKIZ has undergone quite the transformation with their darkest concept yet!

The powerful and sharp “Beautiful” is off their third single album, Ego, which dropped August 19th at 12p.m KST.

A far cry from the group’s cute and colorful image, something they have been known for since their debut, the track and its accompanying music video showcase DONGKIZ’s mature and masculine sides.

Musically, “Beautiful” is trap genre song inspired by old western music and elements harnessing the group’s undeniably powerful vocals. It expresses the beauty of not trying to impress others by appearing to be someone you are not.

Member Jaechan co-wrote the song with lyricist Lee Se Ran (formerly of Jam Factory) and Manseong, who also helped compose the track with DONGKIZ frequent collaborators AKB and DONO.

The slick and sharp choreography was created by dance crew JustJerk, quarterfinalists on “America’s Got Talent” and performed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. DONGKIZ’s impressive group chemistry and synchronicity is highlighted by the flawless execution of every step.

The physical album of Ego comes in two versions, “reality” and “illusion,” featuring the special CD-only track called “Special Thanks to (Jonghyeong ver.).” It carries on the tradition where one member of DONGKIZ records a thank you message as a gift to the fans who purchase the physical album.

Previous members to record a special message have been DONGKIZ I:KAN’s Munik for the group’s first mini album Dongky Town, and leader Wondae on second single album Blockbuster.

Check out the dynamic “Beautiful” music video below!

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