MASC’s LEE:ON (Formerly Ireah) Enlists In The Military

 MASC’s LEE:ON (Formerly Ireah) Enlists In The Military

On August 18th, LEE:ON (formerly known as Ireah ), member of the J Planet Entertainment boy group MASC, announced via Instagram that he is beginning his military service. 

Showing off his freshly cut military hair, the vocalist stated: 

I’m here to tell you the sudden news! As of August 18th, I will be serving in the military! Finally, the day comes when I go to the army. I’m going to miss you a lot. I’ll be back safely. Everyone be careful about corona and take care of yourself! Keep fighting. Occasionally I will leave posts. I’ll be back soon.😊


MASC debuted in 2016, with LEE:ON (real name Lee Jonghee) joining the group in September 2017 promoting under the name Ireah. After the opening of his YouTube channel earlier this year, the singer announced he would be greeting fans under a new name LEE:ON. 

Here’s to a safe and successful completion of his military duties! 

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Media: J Planet Entertainment

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