Ma Dong Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Oh Na Ra, And Oh Yeon Seo United In New Film “Apgujeong Report”

 Ma Dong Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Oh Na Ra, And Oh Yeon Seo United In New Film “Apgujeong Report”

The movie “Apgujeong Report,” to be directed by Lim Jin Soon, has confirmed the casting of actors Ma Dong Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Oh Na Ra, and Oh Yeon Seo for the main roles of Dae Gook, Ji Woo, Mi Jung and Kyu Ok respectively.

“Apgujeong Report” is a movie about a nosy and unemployed man named Dae Gook, a native of Apgujeong, and Ji Woo, a cold but unbelievably skillful plastic surgeon. Ji Woo decides to open up a plastic surgery business in Gangnam, popularly known as the hub of Korea’s cosmetic surgery industry.

Jung Kyung Ho, who recently impressed with his amazing portrayal of a cardiothoracic surgeon in the medical drama “Hospital Playlist,” is set to play a role diametrically opposed to the one he played in the drama. The attention of the entire film industry, as well as audiences, is focused on the chemistry and performance of these two veteran actors.

Oh Na Ra, who stunned viewers in her role in JTBC’s “Sky Castle” and continues to do so in “CHIP-IN,” plays a character who jumps into the plastic surgery business with Dae Gook and Ji Woo. On Yeon Seo, shining with her natural charm and versatility, is making her comeback on screen with this movie by playing the charismatic president of a top beauty salon named Kyu Ok.

“Apgujeong Report” is set to start filming this month! We cannot wait to watch these lively characters fill up our screens!

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