WATCH: ONF Are Out Of This World In Cinematic “Sukhumvit Swimming” MV

 WATCH: ONF Are Out Of This World In Cinematic “Sukhumvit Swimming” MV

WM Entertainment boy group ONF has returned after 11 months with their fifth mini-album Spin Off and the title track “Sukhumvit Swimming,” released on August 10th KST.

The reggae inspired trap and future-bass song features lo-fi rhythms and an atmosphere that transcends time. Members MK and Wyatt contributed to the lyrics and actively participated in the composing of the track which is about running into an unknown space that connects us.

The utopian music video is a successfully ambitious collection of monumental visuals that play out like a movie — truly taking you to another world. ONF’s original and irresistible charms are displayed fully through every fun and quirky scene within the carefree and satirical nature of the MV.

Spin Off is the first album from ONF since their appearance on Mnet‘s “Road To Kingdom” where they gained a lot of public attention for their overwhelming stage dominance and music.

The album intends to show the group’s growth through songs that offer glimpses into the direction of ONF’s development. Strengthening their identity and solidifying their musical color even more, the participation from the members on this record is notably more enthusiastic than their previous works.

Seven songs are included on the album, including fan song “Message” which was released through a YouTube film in February, but not on music sites until now, as well as a special album version of the group’s “Road To Kingdom” final song “New World.”

Go “Sukhumvit Swimming” with ONF below!

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