HOTSHOT’s Yoonsan, DONGKIZ’s Jaechan, THE MAN BLK’s Taewoo & Woo!Ah!’s Nana Cast In Web Drama

 HOTSHOT’s Yoonsan, DONGKIZ’s Jaechan, THE MAN BLK’s Taewoo & Woo!Ah!’s Nana Cast In Web Drama

Upcoming tvN web drama “No Going Back Romance” started filming on July 29th and its versatile cast of idols, along with a rookie actress, has been revealed.

Lara Media, who is in charge of the production, raised the expectations for the series through the casting news on August 5th KST. The series will be a romantic drama depicting the first loves and career worries of characters in their late teens.

HOTSHOT member Yoonsan will be making his acting debut as the male lead opposite promising young Starship Entertainment actress Lee Da-yeon. Yoonsan plays the role of Park Jihoo, the youngest son of a rich family who is an ace on the judo team and a manly guy, but because of his irritating sisters, he is not interested in dating.

Lee Da-yeon, who previously starred in the television series “Search: WWW,” plays female lead Han Sodam. Her character is in pursuit to uncover the identity of the guy who confessed to her secretly with only his voice.

DONGKIZ’s Jaechan plays the key role of Jeong Jeong-kyul, a sweet guy with a hidden secret he can’t tell anyone. Kim Taewoo of boy group THE MAN BLK plays Joo In-Hyuk, a cold chic man who is popular as part of the judo team with best friend Jihoo (Yoonsan). Nana of girl group Woo!Ah! stars as Chae Bo-Na, best friend to Sodam (Lee Da-yeon) and someone who acts as the love counselor for her peers.

Attention is expected to be drawn to the special relationship that will develop between Park Ji-hoo (Yoonsan) and Han Sodam (Lee Da-yeon). 

“No Going Back Romance” is expected to air in December 2020.

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