LISTEN: GreatGuys Gifts Fans With “You’re My Key” Produced By Member Dongin

 LISTEN: GreatGuys Gifts Fans With “You’re My Key” Produced By Member Dongin

DNA Entertainment rising boy group GreatGuys dropped the special gift for fans on SoundCloud!

Lead rapper Dongin wrote, composed,and produced the song that is performed by all nine members. Surprising fans with news of the release on August 7th at 10:35p.m KST, Dongin posted a heartfelt message on the group’s official fancafe that reads as below:

Grace [GreatGuys’ fandom] hi!! It’s Dongin! I uploaded a new song to the SoundCloud!! The reason why I wrote this song is because we’re receiving so much love, attention, and support, but I wanted to express my gratitude in my own way, so I was looking for a way to make it into a song! I’m not special at all, but I wanted to give a gift to Grace who makes me and our team “Great Guys” feel special, so I wrote this song. Thank you so much for singing with the same heart as me! I had a hard time working on it, but I was so happy! Because I thought every single one of Grace was the key to making us go out into the bright world. The title of the song is “You’re My Key,” and I wrote lyrics and melody! Don’t forget that Grace is all so precious and beautiful, let’s be more supportive, depend on each other, and be happy together for a long time!! I love Grace who always makes me happy! Thank you so much for being such a precious Grace to GreatGuys! *I think I still lack a lot and need more effort and study! And I didn’t record it in the recording studio, so it’s not good quality, but I worked hard on it, so please enjoy it.🙏 I recommend you listen to it with your earphones! Thank you so much for reading this long letter!!

Dongin (GreatGuys)

Although the song was not recorded in the studio, the sincere emotions and sentiments conveyed within the song can be felt clearly. The vocal performances by the members are some of GreatGuys’ strongest yet, a capability that comes as no surprise to longtime fans.

No stranger to producing his own music, Dongin has a string of self-composed tracks on DNA Entertainment’s official SoundCloud as well as writing and composition credits on many of GreatGuys’ songs.

Most notably, the rapper wrote, composed and arranged the intro to the group’s third mini album We’re Not Alone – Chapter 2 : You & Me, titled “Bloom.” A powerful cinematic dubstep track whose impressive live stage was recently unveiled at GreatGuys’ “Long Time No See” mini fan meeting, which was successfully completed by adhering to current COVID-19 social distancing measures.

Hopefully, this is just the start of more self-produced music from GreatGuys! Listen to “You’re My Key” below!

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Justin is an avid K-pop fanboy and a lifelong lover of music with a passion for sharing his love of underrated and lesser known groups. GreatGuys are one of his favorite K-pop groups, he has been a fan since their debut and even landed this spot as a WhatTheKpop writer after submitting an article on them in his application. For him, it’s a great (pun intended!) pleasure and honor to write about them, as he is constantly impressed by their growth and the direction of their music and performances, as well as how grounded and genuine they seem as people. 

MEDIA: DNA Entertainment

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