WATCH: ENOi Knows Your “W.A.Y (Where Are You)” In Epic Comeback MV

 WATCH: ENOi Knows Your “W.A.Y (Where Are You)” In Epic Comeback MV

With their second special album W.A.Y (雨 – WhereAreYou), Kithewhale Entertainment‘s self-producing idol group ENOi are back with the trendy and emotive track, “W.A.Y (Where Are You).”

Released on August 6th at 6 p.m. KST, the title song resonates a strong, emotional vibe within a cold atmosphere, using “neuro bass” and other audio techniques to create a powerful yet sensuous ambient sound that is unique to ENOi.

“W.A.Y (Where Are You)” tells the story of the past, simultaneously capturing the will to find a way to the fans who love them, and the hopeful meaning of wanting to walk the path together. In particular, the sound was inspired by raindrops falling slowly from the tip of flower petals onto the asphalt after heavy rain.

This album further strengthens the meaning of the label “self-produced idol” thanks to leader Laon who directly participated in the overall music video and album planning, as well as the lyrics and composition for every track on the album with songwriting partner, producer Whaledone. It has also been stated by Laon that it would be better for fans to imagine the imagery to fully appreciate this album.

Such imagery extends to the stunningly vibrant music video which is filled with elaborately built set designs and effective use of visual aesthetics, reminiscent of a fantasy genre film, a theme which has been consistently present in all ENOi MVs since their debut, and made even more noteworthy when you learn the group’s company Kithewhale Entertainment is still a newly established agency.

W.A.Y (雨 – WhereAreYou) also includes a remastered version of the group’s debut song “Bloom” and the recent instrumental release “For Flower Bud” which serves as an intro to the album’s title track. Main rapper Dojin also contributed lyrics to the album’s closing song “Wish (Be My Love),” an heartfelt fan song expressing gratitude to ENOi’s supporters called “RAYS” (which stands for Realize All Your Star).

Escape into the enchanting MV below!

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Media: Kithewhale Entertainment

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