WATCH: Girl Group Maka Maka Shows The “Burning Power” Of Friendship In Enchanting Debut MV

 WATCH: Girl Group Maka Maka Shows The “Burning Power” Of Friendship In Enchanting Debut MV

Confident rookie girl group Maka Maka— which means “friendly friend” in Hawaiian— made their debut on August 4th with the fresh “Burning Power.”

Company BLUEMOON Entertainment has been preparing for the group’s debut since 2018. With stunning visuals and attractive charms, each of the five members represent a different type of friend:

  • “Easy friend” Heesu— former trainee of R&B singer SE7EN’s company ELEVEN9 Entertainment and “MIXNINE” contestant.
  • “Warm friend” Daseul— who already debuted as an actress in dramas like “Sweet Revenge,” “Fly High,” and “Jump! Jump! Jump!”, as well as a role in the award-winning independent film “Gura and Beethoven.” 
  • “Positive friend” EunB— former member of the now disbanded girl group LIPBUBBLE, “The Unit” contestant, and star of Korean Power Rangers series “X-Garion” as the yellow ranger (taking over the role originally played by from former Busters member Hyeongseo).

In addition, there are the newest members of the line-up. As of yet, there is not quite as much information available about the newest members.

  • “Unexpected friend” Chaewon.
  • “Strong friend” Dia.

The group’s debut track “Burning Power” is a tropical house song with a cooling melody to help ward off the hot summer heat. Written and composed by production team 4번타자, responsible for creating hits by Super Junior K.R.Y, Lovelyz, and INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun

The lyrics contain the group’s wish to provide strength to many people through their music, expressing the sincere feelings of the five friends. 

Check out the spirited debut track below!

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Media: BLUEMOON Entertainment

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