2AM’s Im Seulong And Pedestrian Involved In Tragic Accident

 2AM’s Im Seulong And Pedestrian Involved In Tragic Accident

On August 4th, 2AM‘s Im Seulong was involved in a tragic accident where a pedestrian passed away.

It was revealed by the Seoul Seobu Police Station that Seulong was driving along a road in Eunpyeong, Seoul close to midnight in the rain, when his SUV struck a man who was crossing the street despite the pedestrian light being red. The man was taken to the hospital but died of his injuries shortly thereafter.

According to police procedure, Seulong was questioned by police and they are currently investigating the accident. However, he was sent home for now and will reportedly be called in for more questioning at a later date.

The police revealed that it is true that the person passed away after being hit by Seulong’s car while he was jaywalking. They stated, “However, we are are still investigating the details of the situation and whether Im Seulong violated the Road Traffic Act.” They confirmed that Seulong was not driving under the influence, but the Road Traffic Act refers to whether Seulong could have been speeding, etc. The police went on to state that it is difficult for them to comment further since it is a current investigation.

Afterwards, Jellyfish Entertainment, home to Seulong, released a statement to the public. They started off by offering their deep condolences to the victim’s family and their hopes that he may rest in peace. They then went on to talk about the accident, revealing that Seulong had taken immediate emergency measures on site after the accident but that the victim unfortunately passed away while being taken to the hospital.

They then revealed that Seulong had been questioned by police before being sent home, but that he is currently in a state of shock. They also confirmed that they are unable to reveal much about the incident since the police have not yet concluded their investigation.

The label then closed their statement by offering their condolences once more to the family of the victim, as well as their sincere apology as they know they must be in such pain right now.

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