WATCH: Hong Eunki Blooms In Refreshing “Flower” MV

 WATCH: Hong Eunki Blooms In Refreshing “Flower” MV

Vocalist and dancer Hong Eunki is back with his third single album— the bright and summery Flower.

The title song of the same name is a pure EDM delight featuring cool synthesizers and intense drum sounds that express love, comfort, and gratitude for the precious people in our lives. The former RAINZ member uses his charming blend of lively and sweet vocals to convey uplifting and liberating feelings.

The joy of youth is captured through the vivid, colorful music video which follows Eunki and his friends’ experiences and adventures. The combination of the track’s tantalizing qualities and the film’s moving visuals draw you in to become an honorary member of this solid friend group and to welcome you along for the ride!

Production duo Lundi Blues— consisting of members Dailog and Snowman— wrote, composed, and arranged the song. This marks the second time the team have worked with the rising talent Hong Eunki since participating in the creation of the singer’s previous title song “Breath.”

Eunki has put a lot of work into this comeback, recently revealing during a V Live broadcast that he personally made one of the introduction videos that will be played right before his performance stage on music programs, telling fans to watch all of his comeback stages as he is not exactly sure when the video will play.

Check out the flourishing MV for “Flower” below!

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