WATCH: Sikboy Drops “Posse (Remix)” Featuring KODE82 Crewmates DAE & MAN1AC

 WATCH: Sikboy Drops “Posse (Remix)” Featuring KODE82 Crewmates DAE & MAN1AC

Sikboy recently returned with an explosive new single featuring fellow members of KODE82 crew, rising rapper DAE and veteran of the Korean-American hip-hop scene MAN1AC.

“Posse (Remix)” was composed by Sikboy and producer Clayheart and is a remake of a track from the rapper’s Orange County EP released back in April. The remix is an exhilarating ride of back-to-back verbal combat between the three rappers, whose articulate delivery and precise flows are reminiscent of classic underground West Coast hip-hop a scene in which Sikboy, MAN1AC, and other Korean-American KODE82 (originally known as New Dynasty) crew members got their start.

The music video for the remix was made by video production company Mann Cinema and is attention grabbing and polished thanks to an array of captivating visual effects, stunning landscape shots, and cinematic drone sequences. The high quality details are evident while still complimenting the raw, gritty feeling that emanates from every bar on the track.

Check out the absolute powerhouse of a song below!

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