WATCH: S.I.S Sends Warmth To Fans In Special “Don’t Wait” MV

 WATCH: S.I.S Sends Warmth To Fans In Special “Don’t Wait” MV

S.I.S (Serendipity In Stars) returned on July 31st KST with their first R&B ballad album “Don’t Wait.”

A gift for their fans who have been waiting for a long time during the group’s one year and four-month hiatus, the medium-tempo song contains warm messages and tells the members’ stories in a pretty and sweet way. The harmony of the members’ pure and beautiful voices and acoustic guitars radiate comfort, longing, and sorrow at the same time. 

“Don’t Wait” is the XX Entertainment girl group’s first release as four members following the departures of J-Sun and Dal in 2019. Meanwhile, remaining members Minzy, Gaeul, Anne, and Sebin have been communicating with fans through various fan meetings and performances.

S.I.S debuted in 2017 with the track “I’ve Got A Feeling” (which was recently uploaded on the GENIE MUSIC channel and the music video stars former JBJ member and solo artist VIINI (Kwon Hyunbin).

Check out the wholesome and lovely MV below!

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Media: XX Entertainment

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