WATCH: M.O.N.T Helps You Kick Back And Relax In High-Spirited “BOOM BANG” MV

 WATCH: M.O.N.T Helps You Kick Back And Relax In High-Spirited “BOOM BANG” MV

After youngest member Roda released his self-made solo song “Lethargy” just one week ago, M.O.N.T is back as a group for the second title track off their current Aqua Tape project— the ultimate feel-good anthem entitled “BOOM BANG.”

Written and composed by the trio, who have always had an active role in the production of their music, the song is intended to remind listeners who are caught up in the repetitive and tiring routine of life to take a break and enjoy a much-needed rest for themselves.

The track has a very timely message which is delivered through a unique genre fusion of trap music and Bossa Nova rhythms. It is further accentuated through the smooth and pleasant vocal performances of Narachan and Bitsaeon, as well as the slick, hard-hitting flow from rapper Roda.

With addictive lyrics and cheerful melodies that make you imagine going out to the sea (wherever your ideal escape destination is), “BOOM BANG” can help take you there!

The music video is bright and vibrant and so much fun to watch as the members genuinely have fun and send positive energy to the audience.

The release of “BOOM BANG” also marks the official release of the group’s Aqua Tape album, which features both of M.O.N.T’s most recent tracks. It is now available on all download and streaming platforms.

Unwind with M.O.N.T in “BOOM BANG” below!

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