WATCH: M.O.N.T’s Roda Longs For Solitude In Moody “Lethargy” MV

 WATCH: M.O.N.T’s Roda Longs For Solitude In Moody “Lethargy” MV

On July 24th at 11p.m KST, FM Entertainment boy group M.O.N.T released one of their double title tracks off their special July project Aqua Tape!

“Lethargy” is a solo offering by rapper and youngest member Roda. The “A-Side” track off the group’s current mixtape concept was written and composed by Roda, who even created and recorded the sound effects featured in the song. As the title suggests, it is the perfect song to listen to when you are feeling lethargic.

All three M.O.N.T members appear in the colorful and relatable music video. Roda portrays the struggles of going through the busy day-to-day schedules while wanting to be left alone, a sentiment also expressed through the lyrics.

To celebrate the comeback the trio has also been holding digital fansigns and online events for their ever-growing global fanbase. Currently no specific details about Aqua Tape’s “B-Side” track have been revealed.

Could it be another solo track this time from members Narachan or Bitsaeon? Or perhaps a highly anticipated group comeback? Stay tuned on July 31st at 11p.m KST when it will be released!

Check out the “Lethargy” MV below!

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