WATCH: CROSS GENE’s Seyoung Defines Himself In Moody “Ego” MV

 WATCH: CROSS GENE’s Seyoung Defines Himself In Moody “Ego” MV

Following the release of his second single “Space Out” on July 13th KST, singer-songwriter Seyoung of CROSS GENE is back with the liberating track, “Ego.”

“Ego” is about confidently establishing your own attitude, perspective, and value to view the world and yourself. The freedom of finding and embracing yourself is reflected in the song’s sound and unexpected direction.  Written, composed and arranged by Seyoung (as COiBLEN) alongside frequent collaborator, DAVINAT, the two produced a high-quality album that contains exceptional production skills and deep emotions. 

Seyoung shows a dreamy atmosphere in the music video, which was unveiled on July 20th KST, raising fans’ expectations with vivid colored lights and the idol group member’s mesmerising aura. 

Check it out below!

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