WATCH: Y&W (Young&Wild) Featuring Members Of Boys’ Republic, INX, 14U And Elvin Crew Debut In “Walk With Me”

 WATCH: Y&W (Young&Wild) Featuring Members Of Boys’ Republic, INX, 14U And Elvin Crew Debut In “Walk With Me”

A brand new K-pop group full of familiar faces, Y&W (Young & Wild) hit the scene on July 18th with their debut track “Walk With Me.”

The four-member boy group under INAKIST Entertainment is already creating a buzz within the K-pop community due to the members all being part of boy groups that have either disbanded or are on indefinite hiatus.

  • Team leader Woojoo, the powerful rapper and charismatic dancer. Formerly of boy group Elvin Crew who debuted in 2017 and disbanded later the same year.
  • Restrained dancer and chic vocal Minsu from Boys’ Republic, the first K-pop group under Universal Music. They went on indefinite hiatus in September 2018, just a few months after their 5th year anniversary.
  • Main vocalist Eunjae with a cool high-pitched voice and powerful popping dance skills, who is the former main vocal of 14-member group, 14U. They debuted in 2017 but later disbanded in 2019, after 13 of the 14 members terminated contracts with company, BG Entertainment.
  • Intense performer Ino – previously known as Bonkuk of INX. The group promoted often in Japan but disbanded in 2017 after 16 months of activities. 

Y&W’s debut single “Walk With Me” is filled with emotional melodies and trendy hip-hop rhythm and bass. It was created through a joint production of songwriters Jay Lee and legendary fast-paced rapper Outsider while leader Woojoo and main vocal Eunjae participated in the lyrics.

The video for the song on the group’s official YouTube channel “Young&Wild TV” reveals footage and fun behind the scenes moments from Y&W’s profile making photoshoot.

Check it out below!

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