WATCH: P.K And Kanghan Of MVP Want You To “Call Me Right Now” In Collaboration Project MV

 WATCH: P.K And Kanghan Of MVP Want You To “Call Me Right Now” In Collaboration Project MV

Over three years since PH Entertainment boy group MVP debuted in 2017 with the energetic glitch pop hit “Take It,” members P.K and Kanghan have returned with a surprise special collaboration entitled “Call Me Right Now.” The new track was released on July 13th.

The electronic-pop song features deep house elements, a melodic piano riff, and an addictive, pulsating bass line. MVP’s leader Kanghan showcases his charming voice throughout the track, while rapper P.K’s charismatic and engaging deep tone elevates the song to an even more sophisticated level.

The music video was directed by ZANYBROS. Meanwhile, P.K was in charge of the choreography and participated in writing the lyrics and worked on the costumes. In an interesting concept, Kanghan doesn’t appear in the music video at all, with P.K taking on the leading role throughout the entirety of the performance as the rapper even lip syncs the vocal parts flawlessly.

A collaboration project between MVP’s company and Korea’s Myongji University (notable for its famous alumni which includes many Korean idols and celebrities), the news of the release was first announced on July 8th via P.K’s Instagram account. 

He shared that the project was a good opportunity, describing it as a valuable experience and expressing his hopes that viewers enjoy the music video as he worked hard on it. He also stated, “[MVP] will be back as a group soon, so please look forward to it~~!”

Check out the music video below! 

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MEDIA: PH Entertainment

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