WATCH: F.CUZ Melts Fans’ Hearts In First Comeback In Two Years With “Shine”

 WATCH: F.CUZ Melts Fans’ Hearts In First Comeback In Two Years With “Shine”

Debuting over 10 years ago, F.CUZ is not a name many K-pop fans expected to hear in 2020. However, after a two-year hiatus to fulfill their military service, the group is back with a brand new song “Shine.” 

The traditional ballad features a mellow guitar performance and mature vocals from F.CUZ, who have grown up as men beyond their existing intense performances and idol concepts.

Lyrically, “Shine” melts with sincere words and warm melodies. Through the track, the group expresses their grateful feelings for fans who have endured and overcome the ups and down of the group’s activities. 

Contrary to popular belief and false reports, F.CUZ never disbanded, they simply became an independent group in 2016 after their contracts with former company Tunes-Will Entertainment expired. They have continued to release music and hold concerts in Korea and Japan over the past few years. 

Members Jinon and Raehyun started their own agency On The Bill Company in November 2019 and were in charge of the production for “Shine.” They stated that they hope the song will heal the hearts of tired and exhausted fans. Earlier this year, after vocalist and main dancer Kan was discharged from the military, he decided to work under On The Bill Company with his fellow members. 

Since main vocalist Daegeon is still completing his military duties and youngest member Yejun is currently signed under a different company, both were unable to participate in the track. They did show support for the release on Instagram, however, demonstrating the group’s strong bond and affection for each other after all these years.

Check out the MV for “Shine” below!

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MEDIA: On The Bill Company

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