WATCH: GreatGuys Return Stronger Than Ever In Emphatic “Run” MV

 WATCH: GreatGuys Return Stronger Than Ever In Emphatic “Run” MV

Days after the release of “In Summer,” the first of the group’s double title tracks from their third mini-album, We’re Not Alone – Chapter 2 : You & Me, GreatGuys have unveiled the lead single and second title track “Run” on July 8th at 12 p.m. KST.

A powerful dance song that properly showcases the team’s colors and talents, the lyrics urge the listener to not give up and compel them to run towards the world they dream of. The track is a complete change from the cute and fun city-pop offering “In Summer” with “Run” being tougher and grittier, making GreatGuys the newest boy group to be given the title of “beast-dols.”

We’re Not Alone – Chapter 2: You & Me consists of four tracks including the two titles and an instrumental of “Run.”Opening the album is the grand cinematic dubstep intro “Bloom,” developed by GreatGuys member Dongin who wrote the lyrics and participated in composing and arranging the song. 

Composer Roydo, who has participated in many of the DNA Entertainment boy group’s discography, worked on the album in addition to music production team FUTØRE, home of talented composers both domestic and abroad.

Check out the formidable and phenomenal music video for “Run” below!

Justin is an avid K-pop fanboy and a lifelong lover of music with a passion for sharing his love of underrated and lesser known groups. GreatGuys are one of his favorite K-pop groups, he has been a fan since their debut and even landed this spot as a WhatTheKpop writer after submitting an article on them in his application. For him, it’s a great (pun intended!) pleasure and honor to write about them, as he is constantly impressed by their growth and the direction of their music and performances, as well as how grounded and genuine they seem as people. 

MEDIA: DNA Entertainment

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