EXO-SC Reveals Special Collaborations On Upcoming Album

 EXO-SC Reveals Special Collaborations On Upcoming Album

EXO‘s Sehun and Chanyeol are preparing for their comeback as EXO-SC! With anticipating building daily, the duo has released more information to get fans excited.

In addition to their trendy hip-hop title track “1 Billion Views,” the group will also be releasing eight other tracks for their first full album. Four of their songs will be collaboration tracks with popular and in-demand artists, some of whom have worked with various EXO artists before. Singer-songwriter MOON will be featured on EXO-SC’s new title track.

Meanwhile, Penomeco will feature on “Say It.” A heavy 808 bass and Bossa Nova rhythms combine for sultry summer feelings on this hip-hop track while the lyrics express the honest feelings of a man who wants to confess his love.

The third collaboration comes in the form of “Pretend (척),” a track about someone on the phone who is pretending to be okay while hiding their hurting heart. With heavy bass lines, piano riffs, and the emotional vocals of featured singer 10cm, this is one hip-hop track sure to resonate with fans’ hearts!

The final collaboration on the album is “Wings (날개),” a lyrical band-based R&B hip-hop track. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo participated in composing the track, but he also features on it as well. In the meantime, Sehun and Chanyeol worked on the lyrics to tell their own stories from both childhood and adulthood.

EXO-SC’s album 1 Billion Views will be out on July 13th!

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