WATCH: Block B’s Zico And Rain Struggle With The Heat In “Summer Hate” MV

 WATCH: Block B’s Zico And Rain Struggle With The Heat In “Summer Hate” MV

Block B‘s Zico teams up with Rain!

On July 1st at 6 p.m. KST, the rapper dropped his new album and a music video for the title track, “Summer Hate.”

Zico himself wrote and co-composed his comeback single, singing about the frustrations of a person whose day is ruined by the sweltering summer heat. Rain adds to the quirky fun of the song as he sings and dances along to the carefree beat. The music video also makes allusion to Zico’s viral success earlier this year by including a “dance challenge” portion.

Random Box is Zico’s first summer album. In comparison to his previous releases, he described it as something lighter and with more freshness that people can comfortably enjoy listening to. Six new songs are featured on his latest tracklist.

The singer and rapper returned earlier this year with the smash hit “Any Song” and took over various social media platforms with its addictive sound and easy-to-follow dance.

Watch the music video here!

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