LISTEN: LU4US Leader Donghyeon Wonders “If I Could Meet You Again” In Solo Debut

 LISTEN: LU4US Leader Donghyeon Wonders “If I Could Meet You Again” In Solo Debut

Donghyeon, leader of JWK Entertainment boy group LU4US has made his solo debut with an emotional ballad “If I Could Meet You Again,” off his first single album Volume 1.

Released on June 29, the song was composed and written by Donghyeon and fellow LU4US member Choi, who is already an established soloist and composer in his own right. The two group mates’ creative partnership is evident in the quality of this nostalgic track and demonstrates the pair’s musical chemistry that comes from collaborating for over six years together as LU4US (formerly LU:KUS, L.A.U) members.

Lyrically, the song tells the story of wanting to go back in time to get another chance with a past lover, expressing the desire to avoid the past mistakes that inevitably caused the relationship to end. Donghyeon’s raw and heartfelt vocal performance carries the sentiment perfectly while complimenting the accompanying piano and guitar melodies. 

Listen to the impassioned ballad below!

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MEDIA: JWK Entertainment

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