LU4US Adds New Member Jonghyo, Formerly Of LC9 And CIRCUS CRAZY

 LU4US Adds New Member Jonghyo, Formerly Of LC9 And CIRCUS CRAZY

On June 24th, it was revealed on via Twitter that JWK Entertainment‘s boy group LU4US would be adding a new member to the group’s line up: Kim Jonghyo, a former LC9 and CIRCUS CRAZY member.

According to the statement, it was after long discussions with the members about the development of LU4US that lead to the recruitment of a new member. The news comes a few months after the departure of member Haewon who retired from the K-pop industry earlier this year.

Best known by his former stage names J-Hyo in LC9 and Kizo in CIRCUS CRAZY, Jonghyo first debuted as an idol in 2013 and recently returned from completing his military service.

LU4US’s Donghyeon and Choi posted a video on Twitter informing fans of the news, while member Kyungjin is still serving in the military.

Jonghyo later posted a video introducing himself as the fourth member of LU4US, expressing his hopes to fans that they can be happy together, although it will be a while before they can meet due to COVID-19.

The group is currently preparing and working hard for when they are able to meet with fans again.

How do you feel about LU4US adding a new member? Are you excited to see Jonghyo debut in another group? Were you a fan of LC9 or CIRCUS CRAZY? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to @whatthekpop1 on Twitter!

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MEDIA: JWK Entertainment

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