LOONA Shines In New Photoshoot In DAZED Korea

 LOONA Shines In New Photoshoot In DAZED Korea

LOONA shines in a new photoshoot with DAZED Korea!

The lovely group shots of the photoshoot bring out the members’ personal charms to the front and center. Showing off contrasting looks in the different photos, the up-and-coming girl group looks both lovely and chic in each off the different outfits portrayed in the editorial.

Meanwhile, in the interview portion of the editorial, member Chuu shared her passion for sports and what she likes these days by saying, “I’ve been good at sports since I was young. I naturally got better after I gained confidence. Playing with two younger brothers made me good at ball games, and these days, I’m very interested in body lines, so I’m doing exercises that make my collarbone and shoulder lines pretty.”

Yves then recounted how she studied hard to prove to her parents her desire to be an idol, “I’ve been falling asleep in class, but I’ve been writing down what they’re emphasizing. I kept looking through all the things I wrote on my way to the academy, on the bus, and on my way back from the academy. I think that’s all.”

Meanwhile, ViVi expressed the things she wants to say to her mother, “It’s a pity that I can’t often express my love and my thanks in what I say and how I act to my mother. I always want to help her and say I love you.”

Meanwhile, LOONA recently came back with the song, “So What.”

Check out some of the photos from the shoot below!

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MEDIA: Dazed Korea

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