WATCH: SEVENTEEN Is Rugged But Fun In “Left & Right” MV

 WATCH: SEVENTEEN Is Rugged But Fun In “Left & Right” MV

On June 22nd at 6 p.m. KST, SEVENTEEN returned with a new album as well as a music video for their lead single, “Left & Right.”

The dance pop title track infuses a contemporary vibe to the nostalgic 2000s hip-hop music while singing about positively moving forward with confidence. “Left & Right” was co-written by members Woozi and Vernon while the composition fell to Woozi and BUMZU, a solo artist and the team’s longtime producer.

SEVENTEEN’s seventh mini-album, Heng:garæ, represents the group’s emancipation from the fears that once plagued them. It contains an encouragement as well as a comforting message to the listener to break away from their worries and passionately pursue their dreams. The title itself refers to the action of a team, tossing someone up in celebration.

The group dropped their second Japanese album called Fallin Flower this April and last returned with a Korean album titled An Ode in 2019. SEVENTEEN also had recent individual releases such as the surprise music video for “MY MY,” a sentimental video for “Us, Again,” and an anniversary drop with “Snap Shoot.”

Watch the music video here!

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