LISTEN: “Produce 101 Japan” Project Group ORβIT Shines In Pre-Release Song “Lazurite” By Moon Kim

 LISTEN: “Produce 101 Japan” Project Group ORβIT Shines In Pre-Release Song “Lazurite” By Moon Kim

On June 20th at 12 p.m KST, the pre-debut J-pop group ORβIT released a surprise song, entitled “Lazurite,”‘ through their official YouTube channel.

The song is an emotional ballad written by Moon Kim, the guitarist and vocalist of the Korean rock band Royal Pirates, and composer CHUNGYOON. The songwriting pair have worked together on numerous songs for Weki Meki, SF9, THE BOYZ, MCND and more.

ORβIT is a project group consisting of seven former trainees and eliminated contestants from 2019’s “Project 101 Japan,” including three members of the K-pop boy group HALOYounghoon, Heecho and Yoondong. They are joined by Japanese members June, Tomo, Shunya, and Yugo. All seven of the ORβIT members became very good friends through the survival program. 

Each member represents a different planet, orbiting around their fans called “EaRTH.” The group’s official website has a very creative way of displaying this through the interactive member profiles here.

ORβIT is set to debut sometime in 2020.

Listen to the surprise release below!

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